Prag Studio

Affiliate program

Our partners receive up to 15% of the order for each referred client.

Our goal is to attract new clients through a network of partners.

Your opportunity is to earn money for attracting new clients to our studio.

All you need is to send a link toBrief

Main steps



If you have a client who needs a web, please refer him to us or send a link to our brief. Let us know that the client came from you.



We discuss the project with the client and calculate the price. After signing the contract, the client pays 50% of the project cost.



After successful completion of the project, we receive the other 50% and then pay a share to the affiliate partner.

Calculation of payments

  • 5% of the project cost from the 1st referred client
  • 10% of the project cost from the 2nd referred client
  • 15% of the projects cost from next referred clients

* For example, if a project is valued at 40 000 CZK, your reward could be 2 000 CZK, 4 000 CZK or 6 000 CZK respectively.

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